• European Convenience Food Group

European Convenience Food Group is the holding company of Eichkamp and Karl Kemper. Eichkamp and Karl Kemper are producers of frozen pre-prepared meal components mainly serving the German market.

The Group produces and sells meat and vegetarian dishes via specialized wholesalers in the food service convenience market. The company is appreciated by its customers for its high reliability with regards to quality.

Eichkamp was founded in 1996 and has their head quarter in Garrel, Germany. Karl Kemper was founded in 1975 and has their head quarter in Borken, Germany.

Corporate information




Simon Morris

Chairman of the board

Joerg Sorst

Year of acquisition

Eichkamp 2013 & Karl Kemper 2014

Employees  (2017)


Turnover  (2015)

EUR 70 m

European Convenience Food Group